Recycling Carpet Pads

We know that finding someone to help recycle your used polyurethane, polyester fiber and carpet can be quite a chore. In fact, you might not have known that these materials could be recycled! But now you know, and you know just who to call to get the job done right!

Everyone knows where to go when it’s time to recycle a week’s worth of soda cans, beer bottles and newspapers. We all go through tons of plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard boxes during the course of a calendar year, so it makes sense recycling companies handling such materials are easy to find. There’s another class of substance that’s equally ubiquitous, but much harder to find a recycling center for, which is urethane.

An incredibly versatile and durable material, urethane is used to create a number of essential household items, from rigid building insulation to flexible mattress filling. Unfortunately, its durability can pose significant, long-term dangers to the environment. So if you’re looking to do your part in saving the planet, be sure to contact Pacific Urethane Recycling Inc.

We’ve handled the polyurethane recycling needs of residents of Washington, Oregon and part of Idaho since 1996. Don’t hesitate to call us or stop by our Kent offices today.

Pacific Urethane Recycling